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air handler installation

Your HVAC's air handler is responsible for regulating airflow and humidity by circulating air throughout your home, drawing air in from throughout the home and into the air duct returns. From there, the air then flows into an evaporator coil where it is cooled, and returned back into your home's living space via an air duct system. If your air ducts haven't been inspected in awhile, we also provide duct cleaning. We also provide new duct work for new construction.

Needless to say, this is a major component of your air conditioner and without it your dining room would feel like an outdoor patio. The air handler usually connects to the ductwork and contains the blower, filter racks or chambers, heating and cooling elements, sound attenuators and dampers.

We recommend having your air handler checked at least once a year, to ensure it is operating at high-efficiency and to avoid unnecessary repairs. See our AC maintenance plans for more information.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment to have your air handler inspected.

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Air Handler Installation in Saint Charles, MO
it went really well.   they were here all day and worked very hard...ran into a little trouble with a burned out wire,  that was hard to locate.   Steve, was very patient and answered all our questions..  had to have someone come out next couple days to hook up humidifier.  Roger again was very good at what he did.  fixed everything we had questions about.  As of now we are very pleased with everything..  Paul,  the salesman is very good at what he does.  Did not promise anything that he did ...
Joan S - Saint Charles, MO 63303