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Heat Pumps: A Great Option For Your Heating and Cooling Needs

trane heat pump

How do heat pumps work? What are the advantages of having them? And can they really be used to cool off homes during the winter?

Heat pumps work similarly to the way your refrigerator expels hot air through an exhaust pipe in the back or on the bottom. Where is that hot air coming from? It comes from the outside; it enters your fridge when you open up the door to get food. This hot air isn't conducive to keeping your food cold and fresh, so the fridge sucks it out and expels it.

Your heat pumps do the same thing. During the winter, they suck out the hot air that is present outside and bring it into your home. A liquid called a refrigerant travels back and forth between the indoor and outdoor units, gathers the heat, and expels it into your home. 

During the summer, it works the opposite way: The indoor unit sucks out the hot air from inside your house and pumps it outside. You are then left with a cool and comfortable indoor room temperature. 

The advantages of such a system are many. First of all, you can save a lot of money on your energy bill. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that you can save an average of 40 percent of energy during the winter if you use heat pumps. In addition, you can use the same system for both winter and summer.

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