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Summer Air Conditioning Saving Tips

Summer Air Conditioning Saving Tips

Spending less is almost always more desirable for people, especially if it is money that can be saved, and saved easily. This applies when paying bills, and a huge effect can be felt regard air conditioning. Here are some tips you can follow, and some things that you can check, in order to ensure your homes HVAC system is operating as efficient as it possibly can, whilst still maintaining your quality of life.

1) Close the windows!

Have you ever heard someone tell you, "Shut the door, the AC is running"? You probably have, and this is for the exact reason you'd think. If you are letting the cold air out that door, you are also opening the opportunity for warm, or hot air to enter. If this happens, the thermostat on your AC will keep your unit running for longer. Thus, raising your electric bill. This applies to windows just the same, if you have a window open and the AC is blowing, close it!

2) Turn Off The AC When You Leave

You Can't be there to feel the comfort of your AC when you leave the home. So, if you leave, turn the AC up a few degrees, in order to allow cool enough temperature for your electronics, but to also allow the AC to not have to work as hard to maintain that temperature.


If it is a particulary cool night, it may be worth actually opening your windows and turning the AC off. This will enable your home to maintain a desireable temperature, whilst not spending any money running your AC at all!

4) Fix any drafts

When windows begin to age, they may not seal in air as they used to, and so it is important to make sure that the windows do not have a ton of draftiness, because this will let some outside air seep into your home. This is turn will add unneccessary heat to your home, thus making your AC work harder.

5) Close the shades

This will do a great deal in disabling the suns ability to enter and push heat into the home, thus allowing your AC to run less.

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