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Top Three Advantages of Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Central heating and air conditioning can be a nice, perhaps even luxurious option in many homes. However, it's not always a reasonably affordable option to add duct work in many older homes or extend it to new additions. That's when the option of state-of-the-art ductless heating and air conditioning systems can be exactly what the smart homeowner needs. Consider the following top three advantages of ductless systems for your HVAC needs.

  • Employ a Zone Defense: Ductless systems offer the freedom and flexibility of heating and cooling only specific zones of your home. In other words, you don't need to burn energy in rooms that aren't in use. You can turn these devices on and off at will, and even have them pre-programmed to activate at certain times of the day, perhaps when your family gets home from work or school.
  • Save Big on Installation Cost: Installing duct work throughout certain homes can be a cost-prohibitive investment, depending on the layout. Whereas this option does have merit, sometimes it just makes more sense to place a more affordable ductless unit in each room that you want to cool and/or heat. You'll also need just one compressor similar to a central unit located on the outside of the home. The savings can be substantial and there is no noticeable difference in comfort level.
  • Go Green: Technologically advanced ductless units of today are completely Energy Star compliant, which of course serves two purposes: One is that it saves you even more money in energy costs, and two it reduces your carbon footprint. These unit also use a much more environmentally-friendly refrigerant known as R410A, which has zero ozone depletion capability. 

If you live in the areas of St. Louis, St. Charles, or Metro East MO, the Indoor Comfort Team is your ticket to premium heating and air conditioning service and installation. Please contact us today for more information on any of our HVAC installation and repair services.

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