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Are You in Need of Fall Furnace Replacement? Here's How You Can Tell

Now that the holiday season is upon us, the temperature outside is beginning to drop. This means that you have likely already been using, or will soon begin using, the furnace in your home. It is then important that you make sure that your furnace will be able to make it through the winter so that you can ensure your family’s comfort. If you are unsure whether or not you may be in need of furnace replacement this fall, here are a few of the ways in which you can tell that your furnace is on its way out.

Rising Utility Bills

If you have begun running your furnace in recent weeks, one sign you can look out for that can indicate that it may need to be replaced is if your utility bills have suddenly risen compared to the previous year. If it is suddenly costing you more money to run your heater, then it is not running as efficiently as it used to, which is a clear sign that it is on its last legs and in need of replacement. You can also tell that your furnace may be running inefficiently if it has to run constantly to heat your home. This is another sign indicating that your furnace is failing and needs replacing.

Uneven Heating

Another way you can tell that you furnace needs replacing is to consider your comfort throughout your home the last time you ran your heater. If some rooms were still cold, while others were warm, or even uncomfortably hot, then this is a sign of a waning furnace. Your system is no longer able to evenly distribute heat throughout your home, and likely needs replacing.

It Makes Strange Noises

It is normal for your furnace to make certain low-level noises while it is running. It is not normal, however, for it to make popping, squealing, or banging noises. Any loud, and/or unusual noises coming from your furnace is a clear sign of trouble, and likely indicates the need for replacement.

If you believe that your furnace may be failing, contact us to learn about having your furnace replaced before the cold months of winter hit.

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