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Furnace Replacement Is A Sound Investment For The New Year

Investing in a new furnace increases the value of your home, has long- term financial advantages, promotes cleaner air, reduces noise and performs at up to 95% efficiency. At Indoor Comfort Team, we have a furnace to meet your residential or commercial needs.

Whether in your primary residence, commercial or rental property, investing in a new furnace will add value both in marketability and resale. A quiet, efficient, money-saving furnace is an asset to any home or commercial property on the market. Buyers feel confident when purchasing a property that has a newer, reputable heating system that requires minimal maintenance and will last for 20 plus years.

At up to 95% efficiency, our new furnaces use less energy and heat homes faster than older models. With better technology, materials and delivery systems, new furnaces consistently decrease monthly heating bills. At Indoor Comfort Team, we offer superior workmanship and excellent customer service as well as a broad selection of quality heating products for every application. We also offer Zoning Control Systems to regulate heat delivery in only the rooms you want, therefore saving more energy and more money.

New furnaces improve air quality with better filtration systems and our add-ons such as humidifiers, ventilators and allergen removal systems will further improve air quality throughout the home or business.

At Indoor Comfort Team, contact us to answer your questions professionally and accurately regarding new furnaces, improving your air quality and saving you money. Purchasing a new furnace today will save you money tomorrow and every day after.

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