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Great Benefits of Getting a Furnace Maintenance Plan?

Just when you thought those sweltering summer days would never come to an end, the gusty winds of autumn stirred through the yard. It is only a matter of time now and winter’s icy breath will be blowing down the chimney. You, however, will be enjoying the scenery of winter from the warm and snug atmosphere of your cozy home. Or will you? It all depends on how well your HVAC system is holding up. One way you can be sure your furnace is running on schedule every year whenever the weather decides to turn nippy is to have a maintenance plan with a certified contracting company. Here are 3 reasons why a furnace maintenance plan will be a benefit to you in the long run.

Detect Problems

When you have a maintenance plan with a qualified contractor, you will receive annual inspections, tune-ups, and cleaning and/or changing of your filters. During this time, your HVAC contractor will notice if anything is out of line with your unit. By catching a problem early, you will save yourself bigger expense in the future. Preventative maintenance is a key factor in longevity. We know how important maintenance is in other things, such as our vehicles, our health, even our yards. And it is just as important for your furnace.

Save Energy

When you keep your furnace filters changed and cleaned regularly, you save money on your heating costs. Why is this so? The reason is a dirty filter slows down the air flow, and thus the furnace must run a lot harder. Obviously, when your furnace has to work that much harder, it is going to cost more too.

Contractor Relationship

One advantage of having a maintenance plan is that you will get to know your HVAC technician. This is helpful for several reasons. One is if you have an emergency furnace problem in the middle of winter, you will receive priority service. This is extremely beneficial when you need your heat fixed during the busy season! Another reason it is great to have a maintenance plan is that you can develop a relationship with your contractor. It is more comfortable working with the same company all the time rather than calling different people every time your furnace has a problem.

So, before the winter's chilling winds begin to blow, give us a call at the Indoor Comfort Team. We offer fantastic specials for the winter. Contact us to find out more information about our maintenance plans.

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