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The Top Advantages of Using Ductless Heating Systems

If you’re looking to replace your heating system or to install one for your new home, consider getting a ductless heating system. Unlike traditional heating systems which use ducts, these systems don’t.

One of the reasons you might want to consider such an arrangement is if your house is structured in such a way that installing ductwork would be extremely difficult. You can skip the entire hassle by using a ductless system.

With ductless heating systems, the inside component connects easily to the outside component. Many times, only a three-inch hole must be drilled in the wall to connect the two. It’s also possible to connect the inside component to an outside component several dozen feet away, giving you more flexibility.

With multi-split ductless systems, multiple inside components can be connected to one outside component. Each zone can be individually controlled and turned on, allowing you to heat up only one room at a time, thereby saving energy. Another reason why these systems save energy is because there is no energy escaping the ducts in unused parts of the house. According to the US Department of Energy, more 30% of heating energy is wasted in such a manner, making ductless systems extremely energy efficient.

Because the inside components can be mounted anywhere on a wall, it is a much better choice when designing a fashionable home. You can mount them high on the wall, out of sight.

To find out more information about our Energy Star compliant ductless heating systems and whether they are right for you, just contact us.

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