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Three Ways to Protect Your Wallet With A New Furnace Installation

Did you know a new furnace could protect your wallet in a variety of ways? Most people recognize that a new furnace can decrease their energy expenses. This translates into increased savings, but most people are not aware of the wide range of benefits available to them for upgrading their heating units. At the very least, you can get a discount on your furnace installation. Here are three ways you can put money in the bank by installing a new furnace: 

  1. Utility rebates encourage property owners to upgrade the heating services they use. The most commonly recognized rebate program is the Energy Star incentive. It offers a rebate to families and individuals upgrading their heating units to systems that run with a higher efficiency rating. Not only do you save money on your heating expenses, but you can receive money back after the installation.
  2. Tax credits are a big incentive for property owners. Again, Energy Star offers a program where homeowners can upgrade their heating systems and receive a tax credit from the federal, local, or state governments. This can either reduce your tax bill or give you with a refund depending on your situation.
  3. State, local, and federal governments offer additional incentives to encourage homeowners and rental businesses to upgrade their heating systems and offer a rebate or tax incentive. Switching energy sources or upgrading technology on your heating system can provide an additional tax break or make you eligible for a rebate once the installations and upgrades are complete. 

Most grants, rebates, and program incentives are available through a government agency or the manufacturer. Contact the Indoor Comfort Team and ask them about the various ways you can save money on your new furnace. 

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