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Do You Suspect Problems With Your Furnace Thermostat? Here Is How You Can Tell

Is your furnace struggling to heat your home, but you can find no problems with it? There's a chance that your thermostat is to blame. More often than not, malfunctioning thermostats will decrease the heating efficiency of your home. Here is how you can check:

  1. Start by setting the thermostat five degrees cooler than normal and wait for the furnace to turn on – if it doesn't, set it a little lower and wait a few more minutes before moving on
  2. If your furnace does not turn on after that test, go to the basement and find your circuit breakers – identify the one for your furnace and check if it is on or if it has been blown: flip it back if it has been
  3. When this doesn't work or if the circuit hasn't been switched, carefully remove the front of the thermostat and check for any loose wires – place them in their proper position with a wire tool
  4. In cases where there are no loose wires, the wires may be slack – try to re-position them against the side of the thermostat to steady them and decrease the chance of them coming loose
  5. Replace the batteries in the unit if they are dead or if you expect they may be low on juice
  6. Reset the circuit breaker after finishing any of these tasks – if the wiring or power supply is to blame, this will kick the furnace back on

If these simple fixes don't manage to get your furnace running again, please contact us today. We can help your furnace get back in proper working order and keep you and your family snug and warm in your home.

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