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3 Benefits of Heat Pumps

3 Benefits of Heat Pumps
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When deciding to replace your old furnace, you may want to think outside of the box and consider alternatives to conventional heating systems. One great option for many homeowners is to replace your heater with a heat pump. Heat pumps heat your home by extracting heat particles from the air outside and bringing them into your home, providing warmth without using a ton of energy. Here are three major benefits of choosing a heat pump: Heat Pumps Provide Both Heating and Cooling  Perhaps the b...
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Customer Testimonials

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Furnace Replacement in Richmond Heights, MO

We purchased a Trane Heat Pump and High Efficiency Furnace from Indoor Comfort Team.  They matched a competitors bid that was slightly lower than theirs and had to furnace installed a few days later.  So far in two years we have saved a third of the cost of the system in heating/cooling bills.

Ed S - Richmond Heights, MO 63117