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3 Warning Signs Your Furnace is in Need of Replacement or Repair

Winter is here and your furnace is working hard to keep your home warm and your family comfortable. Unfortunately, in a matter of hours, a failing furnace can turn your cozy home into a frosty wonderland. You can save your family from the unpleasantness of a malfunctioning furnace by simply paying attention to some common warning signs. Temperature Inconsistencies If there are rooms in your house that never seem to warm up, even though the heat is on, you're probably dealing with a faulty furnac...
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HVAC Repair in O Fallon, IL
On Memorial Day, at about 6:00 PM, our air conditioning went out. I called and a technician was on site within the hour. The tech's name was Russ. Most polite, educated and well spoken technician I have had the pleasure to meet. The job was done in half an hour. As he did know if my labor warranty would cover the expense ( I was 3 days out of warranty!!) he asked me to contact the office the next morning. Another gentleman, Murphy, called me back and told me they would cover the whole thing. ...
Claude H - O Fallon, IL 62269