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Duct Work Installation & Custom Fabrication

Proper duct work installation should not be considered a weekend DIY project. Cousin Ned, a roll of duct tape and a pair of tin snips is not the best game plan. This one you want to leave to an experienced and well trained HVAC professional.

Whether you need duct leaks repaired or new duct work fabricated, we can assist you.  Room to room temperature variance can be sourced to improperly setup ducts and vents in many cases.  Our technicians know that it is important to first listen to your concerns in detail - then, after hearing your concerns we can provide effective solutions based on your needs.  Sometimes it is as simple as vents not having working or properly set baffles - in other instances pool attic insulation may be the culprit.

New Duct Work Installation

Our trained installers will have your duct work system fabricated to the specifications agreed upon.  Ducts are an important aspect many contractors don't talk about when selling a new heating or cooling system.  It is a good idea to meter the air flow to each room and then make necessary adjustments in order to maximize consistent temperature in each room.  Zoned systems function well only if the duct work is functioning properly.  When you are investing a lot of money in equipment, ducts are definitely a big part of the equation and planning process - done right, the result is "comfort" regardless of what room you are using.

Call your Indoor Comfort Team today to schedule an appointment to have one of our installers come to your home and discuss your duct work issues. Whether it's design and fabrication or cleaning and maintenance, we're can help.

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