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Water Appliances

Your Indoor Home Comfort Team's certified service technicians install and repair a variety of water appliances, including water heaters, filters, and more.

Water Filters

water filter

The quality of the water you drink, bathe in and wash your clothes, refers to its physical, chemical and biological characteristics, which indicate the level of contaminants found in your water supply. Contaminants include tiny particles like sand, pesticides, microorganisms, minerals and metals.

As mentioned, a water softener can remove calcium and magnesium from your water supply, but only a water filter can protect your family from the harmful impurities found in water.

Our water filter systems can be installed next to your plumbing infrastructure to trap and filter out impurities and provide your family with crystal clear drinking water. Contact our office today to learn more about having a whole home water filter installed in your home.

Customer Testimonials

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HVAC Repair in Ladue, MO

They were punctual and quoted me a reasonable price. They were able to explain the problem(s) and assist me in making an educated decision how to proceed. The gentleman who assisted me even pointed out some minor things the original installer neglected to do and helped fix it with no charge.  Thank you.

Nick S - Ladue, MO 63124