As you look toward your HVAC fall maintenance in Wildwood, MO, it’s important that you understand how the system also works. A lot of the information you may hear about your heating and cooling system isn’t true. To help you clear away the HVAC misconceptions, here are seven common myths.

1. Maintenance Only Matters When Your System Is Malfunctioning

The key to an efficient and longer-lasting HVAC system is routine preventive maintenance. Maintenance involves tuning up your systems’ components, thus avoiding future damage or defects. We advise you to consider regular maintenance services as each season passes.

Some HVAC problems aren’t always visible to the naked eye, and with time, they may cause severe damage. Consequently, this increases your repair or possible replacement costs. Therefore, to save on repair costs and high energy bills due to inefficiency, schedule routine maintenance.

2. Bigger Systems Are More Efficient

For maximum HVAC energy efficiency, it’s best to install the right size for your home. HVAC systems with bigger sizes have more power, but if they’re too big for your home, they’ll short cycle, turning themselves on and off. The short cycling can cause the system to malfunction and can even increase your energy bills. Hire an HVAC professional who will install the best HVAC system for your home.

3. You Need More Energy to Heat/Cool a Room Than to Maintain the Temperature

Contrary to popular belief, setting a constant thermostat temperature throughout the day and night isn’t energy-efficient. If you are using an older thermostat, we suggest upgrading to a smart thermostat.

Furthermore, turning up or lowering your temperature to achieve heating and cooling quicker only overworks your system and proves costlier. Smart thermostats adjust your temperatures based on your schedule and lifestyle. In addition, upgrading your thermostat also makes it so that you need to apply other energy-efficient practices to reap lower energy costs.

4. HVACs Are All You Need for Perfect Air Conditioning

While HVAC systems play a vital role in the heating and cooling processes, air conditioning involves more than that. Part of your heating and cooling needs go hand in hand with insulation and ventilation. Focusing strictly on one avenue to solve your home’s air conditioning problems will lead to ineffective and expensive results.

Insulating your home and ensuring there are no leaks or obstructions in the registers will increase the efficiency of your system. Liaise with expert HVAC technicians, and understand your energy use and the ways you lose indoor energy.

5. Change Your Air Filters as You Please

Part of the critical functions of your AC system is maintaining high indoor air quality. The air flowing into our homes is often contaminated with foreign particles that can cause health complications. An air filter traps particles and cleans your air.

With time, the air filter gets dirty, restricting airflow and overworking your HVAC system. To avoid this, it’s vital to change your air filters every month. It’s a simple way to maintain healthy indoor air quality and your AC efficiency.

6. You May Install Your Thermostat Anywhere

When contemplating upgrading to a programmable thermostat, where you install it is also important. The position should be free from any influences that may affect the surrounding temperature and cause inaccurate readings. Ensure your thermostat isn’t close to the kitchen or any windows.

7. Air Handlers Are Also Called Furnaces

Your air handler and furnace may look almost similar, but they’re two different components. HVAC systems that contain an air handler use heat pumps instead of using furnaces. Furnaces allow the mixing of gases to allow combustion that’s the heat source for your home.

Learning more about your HVAC system helps you stay aware of your energy use and its true functionality. Contact Indoor Comfort Team experts for your HVAC repairs and installation. We will answer any questions you have about your HVAC system and maintaining comfort in your home.


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