Air Conditioning Maintenance

Making sure your home has consistent and reliable cool air requires cooling system maintenance. The foundation of quality home cooling starts with professional AC installation of a quality unit that is the right one for your home and family’s needs. But how long it runs and how well it runs depends on AC maintenance.

Indoor Comfort Team provides professional AC maintenance service to the greater St Louis area. However, homeowners can perform a lot of the regular maintenance their home’s cooling system needs. This maintenance is the best way to prevent problems like an AC breaking down in the middle of a hot Missouri summer.

HVAC tech with air conditioners


Your most important maintenance task is an ongoing one – and that is to change your air filter regularly. How often should you change your filter? That schedule depends on  a variety of factors including:

  • how many people live in your home
  • if there are pets
  • if anyone in the residence suffers from allergies
  • pollution levels in your community

Some people find that they need to change their air filter every month to have clean, fresh air inside their home.

Other good maintenance tasks include checking the components of your HVAC system. If parts are dirty or loose, you will want to get those issues addressed in order to prevent larger problems from happening. One specific task is to clean and clear dirt and debris from around your outside AC unit.



Trust St. Louis’ cooling system experts with a VIP maintenance plan to handle your home’s heating and cooling cooling system. Our experienced HVAC technicians will regularly check and perform a professional tune-up to ensure your AC is working efficiently to keep you cool all summer.

If your AC has issues keeping it from working, our team will get your unit up and running quickly. We can service  any AC, no matter what type or brand of cooling system you have.

Call Indoor Comfort Team for maintenance service at 314-230-9542.


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