Green Trail Estate Customer Calls on Indoor Comfort Team for Heating and Cooling System Replacement

Indoor Comfort Team provides repair and installation services for the greater St. Louis area. Among the many towns and communities our team services is Chesterfield, MO.

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Chesterfield is located in west St. Louis County just about a half hour drive from downtown St. Louis. A group of dedicated citizens formed it in 1988. This wonderful town area boasts bustling shopping areas, many beautiful parks, and paths, and excellent schools.

William is one of the many Chesterfield residents who have called on Indoor Comfort Team for a variety of home services. William’s home is nestled in the quiet residential community of Green Trail Estates.

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Green Trail Estates Neighborhood

The Green Trail Estates is close to many wonderful amenities for William and his neighbors to enjoy. One great feature is the nearby Beckemeier Conservation Area which is located off Olive St. north of Faust County Park.

When you take the drive to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city (or even suburban) living, you will enjoy the forested oasis of the Beckemeier Conservation Area. Come wearing your hiking shoes to enjoy a short but steep hiking trail that will provide a good workout! Or for a more relaxing experience, pack a picnic to sneak away for a quiet lunch in nature.

New Furnace Installation

Like many homeowners in his Green Trail Estates community, William’s home was built in the late 1960s – a full decade before Indoor Comfort Team began providing services to the St. Louis area. While his home was likely originally equipped with all the modern conveniences of the day, many of those great amenities have long since worn down and been replaced over the years.

In early fall of 2010, William called Indoor Comfort Team about his furnace. It was time for his heating unit to be replaced. And it was important that the furnace installation be installed soon – as the cold temperatures had already begun across St. Louis including there in Chesterfield.

Trane Xc

Our team of trained furnace installation technicians arrived at William’s home on San Angelo Drive to install a new Trane XV95 gas furnace. With this installation, William could rest assured he had a great system that would keep his home comfortably and reliably warm AND be highly energy efficient. It is Energy Star certified and would lower William’s energy bills.

The Trane XV95 unit is a variable speed two-stage condensing gas-fired furnace. Known for quick heating, this natural gas furnace is durable with a heavy gauge aluminized steel heat exchanger that quickly transfers gets warm conditioned air distributed throughout the home.

The XV95 High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces utilize an Adaptive Heat Up Silicon Nitride Hot Surface Ignition system which eliminates the need for a constantly burning pilot light. It operates with the safe operation of an Integrated System Control, which monitors for the presence of a flame.

Along with the gas furnace installation, our furnace technicians installed a Trane thermostat. While thermostats have come a LONG way over the past decade, they were still quite impressive back in 2010 when we installed this type of Trane thermostat for William.  While it wasn’t able to connect to the internet back then, it was able to report what the temperature was outside.

Trane Thermo William

Time for a New Air Conditioner

With his furnace running well, William could relax during all the coming frigid Missouri winters. It was still working well 8 years later when William ran into another issue. In 2018, William could see that it was time to upgrade his cooling system. Because he was a satisfied customer of Indoor Comfort Team 8 years previous with the furnace installation, he called us to handle his air conditioning installation.

Green Trails Lake

Green Trails Lake

Again, the timing was great. It was April and so the temperatures hadn’t gotten too high yet in Chesterfield. Not only was the weather great, but our availability was great, too!

As summer hits and temperatures quickly rise, HVAC companies across St. Louis are suddenly getting bombarded with calls from frantic homeowners who just discovered their air conditioning wasn’t working. We can be busy driving from house to house to get the air conditioning back on during those late spring and early summer days. That can make it difficult to schedule an installation with our team quickly. That’s why April is exactly the right time to get a new cooling (or even heating) system installed.

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Our team of cooling system installers put in a new Trane air conditioning system. We installed a 4-ton split system cooling unit with an 18 SEER rating. All Trane products are known for their durability and for withstanding rugged testing, and this unit was no different. The AC we installed for William in 2018 included all aluminum SPINE FIN™ coil and DURATUFF™ weatherproof and rust-proof base and got 100% run test in the factory.

Count on Indoor Comfort Team for Home Installation in Chesterfield, MO

No matter where you live in the greater St. Louis area, get expert service from trained and experienced HVAC technicians by calling Indoor Comfort System. We are proud to provide service all around St. Louis, including in Chesterfield, St. Charles, St. Peters, and Belleville, IL.

We are an independent, family-owned business dedicated to providing quality heating repair, installation, and maintenance services with upfront pricing. Our team of experienced HVAC contractors earns repeat business by putting customers’ needs first.

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