When the frigid St. Louis weather causes the heating bill to soar, you may want to start looking for ways to cut costs. With its temperature control, monitoring and analytics features, a smart thermostat is a handy tool for keeping your family warm at a reasonable price.

Set a Temperature Schedule

It’s tempting to bump up the thermostat when a drafty wind blows across northern Missouri or the temperature dips into the teens. It’s also easy to forget to dial it back down when you head to bed. Your thermostat has a simple programming feature that lowers the temperature at night, when you are cozy under the comforter, and then raises it to normal before you rise. You’ll not only sleep better but also shave some costs off the winter heating bill.

Check Your Home Energy Report

Smart thermostats have monitoring systems that track how much energy you use when you use the most energy and if unusual weather has impacted your use. Home energy reports are typically available through the manufacturer’s app, which gives daily and weekly details, or monthly emails that provide more comprehensive comparisons. Use this information to refine your programmed settings, check monthly utility statements and understand why your energy use changes.

Monitor Home Temps on Winter Getaways

Using either an app or website, you can control your thermostat from anywhere in the world. Whether you are on a weekend getaway on the ski slopes or snowbirding in a tropical paradise, it’s easy to check your home’s temperature and receive alerts if it drops into the danger zone for frozen pipes. If available, set the vacation mode to take advantage of eco temperature settings.

The Indoor Comfort Team can install and help program your smart thermostat to maximize its energy-efficiency settings. Contact our NATE-certified HVAC contractors today to learn about our various Trane heating options for keeping your St. Louis home warm and safe this winter.


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