As the air begins to warm in spring, your heat pump switches from heating to cooling. However, you might notice that your system in St. Louis, MO, has stopped working optimally. Read on to discover the most common indicators that show your heat pump needs some repairs.

Your Heat Pump Doesn’t Stop Running

Most people go for a heat pump over an air conditioner because a heat pump can warm and cool your house, while an air conditioner can only cool. A heat pump that runs continuously will hurt your pocket because it increases your energy bills.

In addition, it also limits your unit’s lifespan. The common causes of this problem are a dirty air filter, a faulty compressor contactor and extreme thermostat settings.

A dirty air filter inhibits continuous airflow, reducing your heat pump’s efficiency in cooling your home. It’s vital to conduct monthly checks on your filter to replace it on time.

If the thermostat settings are too low or high, your heat pump will work non-stop to regulate your home’s temperature. Consider using energy-efficient thermostat settings that won’t overstretch your heat pump.

A compressor contactor regulates power to your pump’s outdoor fan and compressor. If the compressor contactor develops a problem, it causes your unit to run incessantly.

Cooling Problems

Over time, you might notice that your unit fails to cool your home efficiently, resulting in an uncomfortably warm environment. The likely causes of this problem include a faulty reversing valve, a problem with your thermostat and low refrigerant levels.

When a reversing valve fails, your unit releases hot air through the vents; hence, the pump fails to cool your home efficiently.

Your thermostat may fail to accurately detect the indoor temperature levels, hence failing to communicate well with the pump. An electrical problem can also interfere with your thermostat. You may also experience cooling problems if your refrigerant leaks or the levels are too low.

Loud Noises

Grinding and squealing sounds from your unit indicate a shot has occurred in the motor’s bearings. On the other hand, rattling noises result from loose cover panels.

If you experience unusual things with your heat pump, such as loud noises, cooling problems and continuous running, reach out to a qualified service technician to conduct the necessary repairs.

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