Most people spend a significant amount of time in their homes but don’t always give much thought to their air quality. It can be easy to assume that your indoor air quality is better than the air outside, but there are still contaminants and allergens that may be present. Indoor Comfort Team provides professional indoor air quality services to the entire St. Louis area including to residents in Belleville, IL. Here are three reasons you should improve your indoor air quality.


Eliminate Allergens

One of the main reasons to consider investing in your air quality is to find relief for your spring allergies. If you find yourself sneezing or having itchy eyes, you may want to remove allergens in the home like pollen and dust mites by hiring a technician to clean the ductwork on your air conditioner.


Sleep Better

Your indoor air quality has an impact on your sleep, so it’s necessary to remove any dust or contaminants that are circulating. Your breathing rate generally decreases while you sleep, but it can increase during REM sleep. If the air quality is poor, it can cause respiratory issues to develop. This can create excess strain on your body as you attempt to breathe, which can make it difficult to sleep deeply and awake refreshed.


Eliminate Odors

Odors are prone to lingering in settings where the air isn’t clean. Unpleasant smells can continue to be a problem when food is cooked in the kitchen or laundry piles up in the bedroom. With proper HVAC maintenance and by replacing or cleaning the air filter, you can eliminate odors that tend to linger.


Reduce Humidity Levels

Many people are surprised to learn that improving indoor air quality can lower humidity levels, which can reduce the risk of other irritants in the home. The air will also feel cooler once humidity levels drop.

These are a few of the reasons why it’s important to improve the air quality in your home. Call us at Indoor Comfort Team to schedule an appointment to find ways to improve your air quality.

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