When Installing 2 ACs Improve Comfort & Saves on Energy Costs

Indoor Comfort Team provides repair and installation services for the greater St. Louis area. Among the many towns and communities our team services is Manchester, MO.

Manchester is located in St. Louis County, just 15 miles west of the City of St. Louis, Manchester. This wonderful community boasts bustling shopping areas, many beautiful parks, and has excellent schools.

Eric is one of the many Manchester residents who have called on Indoor Comfort Team for a variety of home services. Eric’s Manchester home is nestled right about in the middle of Queeny Township.

Manchester “A Proud Past, A Bright Future”

Manchester, MO 1911

Manchester is a tight-knit community with a long history that spans over two centuries. While boasting dozens of historical sites and structures, the town is also home to a growing population with a wide mix of old and new homes.

One of the most significant historical buildings is The Lyceum which was constructed back in 1894 and is showcased on Manchester city’s logo.

Manchester City logo

Chadwick Pool

Over the years, the population of Manchester has grown significantly! And it’s no wonder why with all the wonderful amenities in the community. Some of the great opportunities that Eric and his neighbors get to enjoy are nearby Schroeder Park, Chadwick Pool and the Grand Blaize Branch Library.

Cooling Needs for Big 2 Story Houses

In Eric’s neighborhood, there are dozens of beautiful, big homes, most of which are at least 2 stories. Most of these homes were built in the 90s, equipped with all the modern comfort conveniences like central air conditioning. Eric’s home is a large 2-story home, facing the typical issues that houses with a second story can have during hot Missouri summers.

One recent spring, Eric reached out to Indoor Comfort Team to get his aging air conditioning system upgraded. Finding the perfect new cooling system for a home isn’t something a homeowner can do on their own. Many factors contribute to determining exactly what type of cooling system an individual home will need.

Some factors that affect air conditioning system size include:

  • Size of home
  • Age of home & type of construction
  • Level of insulation
  • How many floors

AC Unit Size for Homes in Manchester, MO

Climate Zone For Ac Size

Another major factor to determine what size of air conditioning unit is needed is the Climate Zone. Each part of the country is in a particular climate zone that professional AC installers use to make accurate calculations.

For those of us in Manchester and throughout Missouri, our homes are all in Zone 3. This means we will need larger systems than our neighbors to the north. Compare that to Arkansas and other southern states where the same size of homes would require a slightly larger AC unit to effectively keep those homes cool.

Commerce Bank City Hall

Does a 2 Story Home Need 2 ACs?

The calculations for Eric’s Manchester home indicated that two air conditioning systems were necessary for providing the ultimate level of cooling comfort in the summer. Often when there is only one AC system for a 2-story house, you will feel it significantly warmer upstairs. The simple fact is that hot air rises. Often homeowners will end up making their downstairs uncomfortably cool in order to make it almost cool enough on their 2nd floor.

With two air conditioning systems installed, not only will both floors feel equally comfortable, but it can lessen the demand for energy consumption. Instead of one AC unit having to handle the demand for cooling an entire home that could be 2000 square feet or much larger, each unit will only need to put out the amount needed for each floor.

Just because you have double the AC systems does NOT mean you pay double the price. Since each unit is only cooling one floor, perhaps 1500 square feet instead of 3000, you do not need as large of a unit.

Wondering if you need a 2nd AC for your home? Contact us today to get a FREE ESTIMATE on the cooling system you need. You can send us a message online or call us at (314) 230-9542.

when a 2 story home needs 2 air conditioners

Indoor Comfort Team: Manchester Trane AC Installation

Trane Ac 1st Floor

With the proper calculations and a thorough understanding of Eric’s comfort needs, our team of licensed and experienced Air Conditioning Installation experts went to work.

For each of Eric’s levels, we installed a Trane Air Conditioner with matching coil. Trane brand of heating and cooling products are among the most heavily tested HVAC products. That is one of the reasons Indoor Comfort Team is proud to be installers of Trane furnaces and air conditioners for homes in Manchester and across the St. Louis area.

The AC unit in Trane’s ZL18i Series that we installed in Eric’s home has two-stage cooling which reduces high swings in temperature. It has an all-aluminum Spine Fin outdoor coil that makes it durable though Missouri’s toughest seasons. These great AC units have SEER ratings up to 18, making them highly energy efficient. That means Eric is primed to expect lower utility bills each month!

Smart Thermostat Comfortlink Xl850Along with these two AC units, we installed a Trane’s ComfortLink® II thermostat for each level of Eric’s home. With these smart thermostats, Eric controls the temperature for each story independently. He can also control it with his phone by using the WiFi connectivity available with these great thermostats.

Perfect Time for AC Installation in Manchester Area

It was as cool week in March when we did the air conditioning installation for Eric. That was perfect timing, as it allowed us to install a new cooling system functioning perfectly before the hot Missouri summer began. But sometimes an installation needs to happen in the summer. If an air conditioner suddenly breaks down, you don’t have time to wait – especially in the middle of a St Louis heatwave. If you find yourself with a broken AC in the middle of summer, call on Indoor Comfort Team for a quick AC repair or replacement. We will work quickly to get your home’s cooling system working again.

Whether you live in Manchester or any other town in the St. Louis area, call on Indoor Comfort Team at (314) 230-9542. We are available for 24/7 emergency AC repair. Contact us today to get a FREE ESTIMATE on the heating or cooling system you need. You can send us a message online or call us at (314) 230-9542.

Ac Installer in Manchester, MO


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