Furnace Safety Tips

When the weather turns cold in the St. Louis area, a powerful, efficient furnace can be a homeowner’s best friend. Before you reach for the thermostat, it’s important to take a few simple steps to keep your family safe. Take a quick read through these important furnace safety tips to help ensure a warm and safe home for your family this winter.

Test Your Safety Alarms

A furnace is a safe and effective way to keep your home warm, but it’s not entirely without risk. When a furnace malfunctions, it can potentially pump hazardous carbon monoxide into your living space. Since the gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless, having working carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home is essential. It’s a good idea to test your alarms regularly to ensure you’re protected. Severe furnace malfunctions can also pose a fire risk, so be sure to check your smoke alarms as well.

Clean Up Clutter and Dust

The simplest way to minimize fire hazards in your home is to keep the area around your furnace clean. Be sure to clear any clutter at least three feet away from your furnace, paying particular attention to flammable materials. It’s also a good idea to regularly clean up dust and dirt around your HVAC system, including vents and air filters. Choosing the right filter for your furnace can also help by improving indoor air quality and system efficiency.

Furnace Safety Tips: Schedule Preventive Maintenance

By far, the best way to keep your furnace operating safely is to schedule routine preventive maintenance. During a scheduled maintenance visit, a professional technician will inspect your entire heating system for potential safety and reliability issues. They’ll also clean, lubricate and adjust your furnace components, helping to promote smooth and efficient operation. If any issues are uncovered, the technician can help you choose between system repairs and a replacement installation.

Keeping your St. Louis home warm throughout the winter doesn’t have to be a risky proposition. Treat yourself to unparalleled safety and comfort today by calling Indoor Comfort Team for a full range of top-notch home heating services.


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