Ductwork distributes airflow throughout your home. There are circumstances in which homeowners may need to install customized ductwork to get proper distribution.

Here are the following four reasons you may need custom ductwork in Collinsville, IL.

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Indoor Comfort Team provides complete HVAC services to the entire St. Louis area including Collinsville. We are a locally owned company that has been providing quality home and commercial services since 1979.

Here are the following four reasons you may need custom ductwork in Collinsville, IL.

Better Engineering

Ductwork needs to work seamlessly in your home. Unique space sizes and shapes can mean seams, twists and connections that standard ductwork can’t handle. Custom ductwork fits properly in every corner so that air flows smoothly and efficiently throughout the house.

Older Collinsville Homes

Some older homes in Collinsville built before the development of advanced heating and cooling equipment, weren’t designed to manage modern HVAC systems. You may not be able to add standard ductwork to a structure that wasn’t designed to hold ductwork at all. Doing so would only create a system that couldn’t operate optimally.

Air Leakage

It’s not unusual for less skilled technicians to force standardized duct systems into spaces they weren’t designed for. This leads to one of the most common and unfortunate glitches in heating and cooling: air leakage. Custom ductwork fits neatly into your HVAC system and eliminates the gaps and cracks that interfere with comfort.

Energy Efficiency

If your energy bills seem too high, your HVAC system could be the culprit. Standard ductwork can be the wrong size for your space or have ineffective sealing. With custom ductwork, there are no weak spots in the design, minimizing air loss.

The quality of ductwork in your house can make a big difference in how your system performs and how long it will last. Poor ductwork can raise utility bills, affect indoor comfort and even worsen preexisting health conditions like asthma and sinus problems. Contact Indoor Comfort Team. We provide complete HVAC services to communities in and around St. Louis, including Collinsville, IL, Call us to learn more about custom ductwork installation and other services we offer to improve your indoor air quality.

Whether you live in Collinsville, Fairmont City, or anywhere around St. Louis, call on Indoor Comfort Team for your home’s comfort needs!

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