The summer is the hottest time of the year in St Louis, MO. You may enter your home and find that it is not as cool as you expected it to be, however, pointing to a potential problem with your air conditioning system. You need to contact our professionals as soon as possible to diagnose these problems and to start the necessary repairs.

Reduced Airflow

Airflow is what circulates the cool air around your home. Without air conditioning, you likely have no airflow, especially on a hot or humid day. To check your airflow, feel the air near your vents; if there is no air coming out, you have a problem.

The most common cause of no airflow is a dirty and clogged filter that our professionals can replace or clean. You may need duct cleaning services, however. Our professionals may even find a duct leak in need of repair that is causing the air to not circulate properly.

Refrigerant Leaks

Another common cause for repair is a refrigerant leak in your system. The coolant goes through coils to cool the circulating air. When the coolant decides to leak, you will notice that the air is inconsistent throughout your home and that the temperatures are never stable.

Our professionals can easily look in your air conditioning unit to detect any problems at the coils that require replacement, such as a hole or corrosion. They can also find out if the coils are dirty and preventing the refrigerant from reaching the air. Our team can clean the coils without causing more damage to them.

Electrical Problems

You may have a blown condenser if you notice that your indoor unit is fine but that the condenser is not working. You will not hear the hum of the unit if your condenser is no longer working. A damaged condenser may not start; if so, it requires repair as soon as possible.

Always call a professional to fix a blown condenser. You can easily become electrocuted if there is an electrical shortage. We will be able to recommend whether you need to install a new air conditioning unit as well.

Air Is Not Cool

You will have warm air if there is something wrong with your air condenser. If the condenser still turns on and if the thermostat works properly, it is possible that the condenser could be dirty or has excessive growth around it and is not completely broken.

Our team will assist you in locating what is blocking your air condenser from working properly. We will inspect the air filter to ensure it does not need replacement. You may need to replace the condenser if these repairs do not fix the problem.

Does Not Cool Entire Home

You may start noticing that your air conditioner never reaches the temperatures that you want it to reach, and that it does not cool your entire home. Your air conditioner may simply not be keeping up with you and your family’s needs. If this is the case, you more than likely have the wrong size for your home.

Your air conditioner may simply need a replacement due to the wrong size or wrong installation, but you may notice that you have a frozen evaporation coil. You should turn off your air conditioning as soon as you notice this problem. Calling early means our professionals can fix it without making you excessively uncomfortable due to increased heat.

Contact Indoor Comfort Team to Fix Your Air Conditioning Problems

It is common to face any of the above air conditioning problems that need repair, even in the middle of summer. It is best to get you and your family comfortable again as soon as possible. Contact our team at Indoor Comfort Team in order to receive the air conditioning services you need. We provide service to the entire greater St Louis area!

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