Indoor air pollution can threaten the health of your household. Fortunately, an air cleaner can give you healthier air to breathe. Here are the benefits of installing air cleaners in your Wildwood, MO, home:

Eliminate Contaminants

Firstly, your home’s indoor air contains different chemical and biological contaminants. Pollutants can have health implications for your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Since people spend a majority of their time indoors, contaminants will eventually impact your comfort and productivity.

Unlike the filters in your HVAC system, electronic air cleaners apply a positive charge to the airflow. Negatively charged plates capture impurities on the other end of the system. Electronic air cleaners can capture pet dander and biological contaminants.

The clean air delivery rate (CADR) measures an air cleaner’s capacity to remove pollutants. Research indicates that a high-efficiency CADR air cleaner can capture airborne particles effectively.

Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Another reason to install an air cleaner in Wildwood is to improve your sleep. If you experience disruptions while asleep, indoor air pollution is one possible factor.

A five-year study of college students suggested that pollutants can reduce sleep duration. Other research indicates that inadequate sleep is a factor for heart and respiratory issues. Night-time disruptions could also increase the risk of obesity and cancer.

Get Rid of Bad Odors

Finally, relative humidity can rise above 90% during the spring in Wildwood. The moisture saturation can encourage the spread of biological contaminants.

An activated carbon air cleaner is an adsorbent that traps odors within its minute openings. The macropores of the air cleaner can also capture harmful gases in your indoor environment.

It may be necessary to install air cleaners if you have a pollution problem in your home. You may want to consider a whole-house system. As a result, you’ll assure complete protection. Consult Indoor Comfort Team for high-quality comfort control systems in Wildwood.

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