If your ductless mini-split in Belleville, IL, is acting up, you may be able to identify the issue without hiring an expert. However, we highly advise against attempting to conduct the repairs yourself. Continue reading for some simple and quick troubleshooting tips.

Clean the Air Filter

If your ductless system isn’t providing enough heat in the winter, it might be because of a clogged air filter. The filter should be plainly visible when you lift the lid of your indoor wall unit. Clean it with water and make sure it’s fully dry before replacing it.

Listen for Hissing Sounds

HVAC systems with refrigerant leakage will occasionally generate hissing sounds. These hissing noises might be faint if the leak is minimal or loud if the leakage has gotten out of hand. If you detect hissing noises emanating from your unit, contact a specialist after you’ve turned it off.

Clear the Area Surrounding the Condenser Unit

It’s possible that you’re not receiving enough warm air because of your condenser unit’s surroundings. To enable air to move smoothly through your unit, give it at least two feet of free space. It’s essential to remove any leaves or other material lodged against your condensing unit.

Reposition Your Remote Control

A remote that includes a thermometer controls most ductless AC units. Since electrical components can be sensitive, you don’t want your remote to experience major fluctuations in temperature. Make sure your remote isn’t in the direct line of heat from your ductless system so it doesn’t overheat.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Electrical problems with your HVAC system are a serious subject, and unless you’re a trained electrician, you shouldn’t ever tamper with live wires. Having said that, it isn’t risky to just open your circuit breaker box and inspect the switches within. If the circuit that powers your ductless system is off, turn it back on to test if it returns power.

If you’re still experiencing issues with your ductless mini-split, contact Indoor Comfort Team for assistance. We can help you with all of your heating and air conditioning needs.

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