In the world of HVAC systems, few innovations have garnered as much attention and curiosity as the mini split system. As homeowners seek efficient and versatile heating and cooling solutions, the mini split has emerged as a compelling option. Yet, amid the buzz surrounding these systems, myths and misconceptions stack up, clouding the understanding of their true capabilities.

Indoor Comfort Team is here to help you navigate your questions and these myths. We have been a trusted name in the St. Louis metropolitan area since 1979. As a family-owned business deeply rooted in the community, we’ve made it our mission to provide reliable comfort solutions that exceed expectations.


Today, we embark on a journey to debunk the myths surrounding mini split systems. From misconceptions about efficiency and installation to doubts about performance and versatility, we’re here to set the record straight. With decades of experience and a commitment to transparency, Indoor Comfort Team is your reliable source for accurate information and expert insights into HVAC technology. Let’s dive in.

Here are the most common myths about mini split systems.


  • They can only be installed in new construction.
    One of the most common myths of mini split systems is that they can only be installed in new construction. While they are a very common choice for new construction, they will work in existing homes as well.

    A lot of homeowners choose to have a mini split system installed in addition to their existing HVAC system. Your mini split system will heat or cool the living space as much as possible and your HVAC system will kick on as a backup as needed.

    If you have a room or section of the house that you struggle to control the temperature, a mini split system is a great option to solve this issue.

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  • Mini split systems are too expensive.
    Another common myth of mini split systems is that they are too expensive. In reality, a ductless mini split system can actually be a great way to save money.

    A mini split system uses the same equipment to heat and cool your home, so you don’t have to worry about buying a separate furnace and air conditioner for your home. Your total cost will be dependent upon a few factors such as efficiency and energy type.

    Mini split systems can be so efficient that they also allow you to save on your energy costs over their lifetime.


  • Mini split systems don’t work in cold climates.A mini split system not working in cold climates is another common myth. Mini split systems are not only an energy efficient air conditioner, but they are also one of the most effective and energy efficient heaters available.Since mini spit systems offer higher efficiency rates than boiler-based systems, this ductless heat option costs less to operate by maximizing the amount of heat generated from the energy consumed.

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  • Mini splits are high maintenance.
    You’ve probably heard the common myth that mini splits are high maintenance. The good news is that mini split systems don’t require any more than the regular maintenance your traditional HVAC system needs.

    You will want to change or clean the filter as recommended, remove debris from the outdoor compressor, and follow a standard HVAC maintenance schedule.

    Since both the indoor and outdoor units of the mini split system are easily accessible, the ease of service is better than your traditional HVAC system.

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  • Mini split systems heat or cool rooms unevenly.
    Another widely heard myth of mini split systems is that they heat or cool rooms unevenly. However, mini split systems can often keep your entire home at one consistent temperature more effectively than a traditional HVAC system.

    Modern mini split systems are just as powerful as your traditional system and will heat your rooms evenly and efficiently.

    A big benefit of mini split systems is that you can adjust for individual temperature needs for hard to regulate rooms and areas of your house, Traditional HVAC systems can’t adjust to the individual temperature needs of each room to reach a consistent temperature throughout your home.


  • Mini split systems are noisier than my traditional HVAC system.Many people believe the myth that mini split systems are noisier than a traditional HVAC system, but we’re happy to tell you that myth is not true.Thanks to modern technology in mini split systems, mini split systems are whisper quiet. Since the unit runs continuously with blower speed variations to regulate temperatures instead of the on/off system we’re used to with traditional HVAC, there is virtually no noise.

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  • Mini split systems have bad air quality.
    This common myth of mini split systems is quite the opposite. Mini split ductless systems are shown to improve air quality.

    Mini split systems are equipped with excellent filtration systems to ensure that clean air is coming into your home. This is why they are an especially great option for people with allergies or respiratory issues.

    Without the need for ductwork, the risk for unhealthy air circulating through your home is greatly decreased since there is nowhere for the dirt, dust, and debris to build up and circulate throughout your home.


  • Mini split systems take a long time to heat or cool a room.
    It’s another common myth that mini split systems take a long time to heat or cool a room. We’re here to tell you it’s quite the opposite.

    A mini split system runs continually at an even pace to maintain the temperature in the room. This makes is easy to regulate temperature in each room as well as bring the temperature up or down easily.

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  • Mini split systems don’t last.
    Another widely spread myth is that mini split systems don’t last as long as traditional HVAC systems.

    The average lifespan of a traditional HVAC unit is 15 – 20 years with proper maintenance and repair. Mitsubishi / Trane Mini split systems will last 20 years or longer with proper maintenance and repair.

    Like a traditional HVAC system, routine maintenance by an HVAC professional is key to ensuring your system operates for as long as possible. We offer our VIP Club Plan for affordable maintenance by our HVAC professionals. You can learn more here –


As we bring this discussion to a close, we hope to have shed light on the myths surrounding mini split systems. At Indoor Comfort Team, we believe that informed decisions lead to optimal comfort and satisfaction in your home. With our expertise and dedication to serving the St. Louis community, we’re here to guide you ever step of the way.

Whether you’re considering a mini split installation or simply seeking clarity on your HVAC options, remember that Indoor Comfort Team is your reliable partner. Give us a call anytime at (314)230-9542. From debunking misconceptions to providing top-notch service, we’re committed to ensuring your indoor comfort needs are met with excellence.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of clearing up mini split myths. Stay tuned for more insightful content and trust Indoor Comfort Team to keep you comfortable year-round. Until next time. Stay informed, stay comfortable, and remember with Indoor Comfort Team, your home is in good hands.



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