Furnace FAQ: A Guide to (Safely) Heating Your Home

Furnace Storage Boxes

During the cold winters we often experience in the St. Louis area, we rely a lot on our furnace. We need our home’s heater to keep us warm and safe. To keep the heat flowing safely, there are some fundamental things that homeowners should know. Do you know how to change the air filter? Do you know what is safe to store things near a furnace?

Indoor Comfort Team knows that when it comes to safely and efficiently heating a home, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Our heating system technicians are ready and willing to answer whatever questions customers may have.

Is It Safe to Put Things Close to a Furnace?

The quick and simply answer is “No.” For ensuring you have the safest situation for your furnace and home, you should not put anything on or too close to your heating system.

However, there is a more thorough answer to this question. And it is one that can help homeowners make sure they have a safe and well-maintained home. When space is limited and you are finding a need to store items near or on top of your furnace, what can you do? Read on to understand the dangers of putting things near a furnace so you can safely store what you need.

Home Heating Maintenance Basics

  • Change the air filter on a regular basis
  • Pay attention to signs of problems, such as a furnace that begins to make weird noises
  • Don’t place items to close to a furnace so that it can have the proper amount of airflow

Your heating system needs a good amount of airflow to work properly. Items placed near a furnace that blocks the airflow around the unit can lead to a variety of issues such as decreased efficiency, more wear and tear on the system, and safety hazards.

The recommendation from Indoor Comfort Team is to avoid storing anything on top of or near your furnace. Even seemingly harmless items like boxes, clothing, or other household items can obstruct the airflow. That can interfere with the operation of your electric or gas furnace.

A Matter of Furnace Safety

cardboard boxes hoard

Storing items near your furnace is a fire hazard. This is especially true for items that are flammable.

While we recommend that you to not put anything too close to your heating system, here is a list of especially hazardous items to never put near a furnace:

  • Gasoline
  • Paint thinner, solvents
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Chemicals or cleaning products
  • Items that might easily catch fire or ignite

Storage Safety for Furnace Closets

If your furnace is housed in a closet, ensuring there is plenty of space around your unit is important. This closet should not have any flammable items like aerosol cans, paint, gasoline, or other chemicals.

Ideally you don’t have anything touching your HVAC unit and you keep that closet or storage space clear of unnecessary belongings. This extra space gives your unit enough air to operate efficiently and reduces potential fire hazards.

For Help with Home Heating, Call the Indoor Comfort Team!

In addition to keeping the area around your furnace clear, it is important to schedule regular maintenance. A professional inspection can help make sure your furnace is running efficiently will catch potential issues before they become major problems.

When it comes to your furnace, proper maintenance and care are key to ensuring its longevity and efficiency. By keeping the area around your furnace clear and scheduling regular maintenance, you can enjoy reliable heating and peace of mind throughout the year.

Indoor Comfort Team provides professional furnace maintenance service to the greater St. Louis area. We even have a VIP Club Maintenance plan for customers to leave the ongoing tune-ups and safety checks in our team’s experienced hands.

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