You probably enjoy staying in your older home because of the unique style and history it carries. However, your home’s heating and cooling functions could be interfering with your comfort. Here are some common HVAC problems you’re likely to experience in your older home in Granite City, IL.

Outdated Thermostat

Older thermostats only allow you to lower or raise your home’s temperature by keying in instructions manually. On the other hand, smart thermostats offer more advanced features, focusing on improving efficiency and comfort.

These thermostats allow you to cool or warm your house using a voice assistant. In addition, these modern thermostats learn your temperature preferences and regulate your home’s temperature based on your history. For instance, they can learn when you usually get home in the evening and get the temperature to your favorite level.

You can program your digital thermostat to engage your HVAC system less during the day when no one is home. This feature comes in handy for saving energy. If you use your older home for vacation, you can remotely control the home’s thermostat by logging into your digital thermostat application.

Lack of Zoning

Your traditional HVAC system raises or lowers the temperature of the whole house based on the thermostat instructions. On the other hand, a zoned system only regulates your home’s temperature where needed. For instance, if you prefer a certain temperature while sleeping, you can set the system to only regulate your bedroom’s temperature instead of the entire house.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Pollutants, such as pollen and pet dander, may linger in your indoor air and cause headaches, watery eyes and nasal congestion. These contaminants can also introduce a foul odor to your living space.

Your HVAC system helps keep your indoor safe by filtering the air coming into your home. Older homes may lack modern HVAC units that can eliminate these pollutants efficiently.

Consider investing in air cleaners to boost your HVAC system’s performance. Air cleaners filter air every time your HVAC system is running. Your service technician can install them near the blower or connect them to the system’s ductwork.

A ventilator is also another good option to purify your indoor air. They release old indoor air and introduce a wave of fresh air. Ventilators come in handy in removing foul odors and disease-causing pollutants, keeping you safe while indoors.

You can also consider a UV lamp to clean incoming air. Your service technician will install the lamp within your HVAC system. UV lamps destroy germs, bacteria and microbes using light, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Leaking or Blocked Ductwork

Ducts help to relay cool or warm air in your home. The sealing on your ducts’ joints may lose effectiveness, especially if you purchase an older house whose HVAC system wasn’t properly maintained. Consequently, the warm or cool air will leak and your system will experience difficulties trying to attain your preferred temperature.

Also, dust may block your ductwork, which can hinder the circulation of warm or cool air, causing your HVAC system to overwork. In turn, that will make your HVAC system eat through energy, increasing your bills. Consider having your ductwork cleaned regularly.

Aging HVAC System

Your HVAC unit should serve you up to 15 years, after which its efficiency will likely reduce. If your HVAC system in your older home isn’t replaced after it has covered its lifespan, you may start experiencing electrical problems. Some of these problems include failing capacitors and a tripped circuit breaker.

An aging HVAC unit also produces lots of noises when warming or cooling your space. Typically, it should only make some noise when starting or ending a cycle. Additional problems with older HVAC systems include frequent repairs and your system running continuously.

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