As winter sets in, maintaining your commercial HVAC system will enhance sustainable energy consumption, reducing the operational costs. Additionally, professional commercial HVAC maintenance ensures an impressive return on investment (ROI). Indoor Comfort Team provides professional residential and commercial HVAC services to the entire St. Louis area, including in Belleville, IL. Here’s how to improve the HVAC system efficiency in your commercial property.


Replace the Filters

Air filters collect dust, which reduces potential allergens in your property, but if they’re not replaced regularly, your commercial HVAC will overwork to compensate. Also, dirty HVAC air filters accommodate lots of airborne pathogens and bacteria.

Installing new air filters on a regular basis enhances healthy air circulation. Additionally, new air filters optimize your system’s efficiency, preventing energy waste and higher utility bills.


Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

If your building uses a manual thermostat, it’s time you upgraded to a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats allow not just for accurate temperature readings, but also for remote control and a variety of schedules. You can set your building’s thermostat to control temperature on a schedule, such as cooling your building when more people are present and then allowing the temperature to rise when the temperature is less of a concern.


Schedule Immediate Repair

If your commercial HVAC system develops an issue, reach out for professional repair promptly. Delaying HVAC repair services gives the problems time to worsen, potentially damaging your entire system. Additionally, ignoring HVAC issues can make your building uncomfortable, impacting clients and employees alike.

Prompt HVAC repair is crucial to restoring smooth airflow and efficient temperature control. Also, repair costs are a lot cheaper for minor HVAC problems.


Fall HVAC maintenance

Regular commercial HVAC maintenance will prepare your system for the upcoming seasons. When you schedule fall maintenance, your technician will perform an in-depth evaluation of the heating system components, including the furnace.

Your HVAC technician will check and seal the ductwork to ensure smooth airflow. Additional insulation will reduce heat loss, further optimizing your system’s efficiency.

Contact Indoor Comfort Team for all your commercial HVAC needs. Our NATE-certified experts will ensure your commercial facility is comfortable throughout the winter.

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