Troubleshooting When a Bad Capacitor Causes a Furnace to Stop Working

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Indoor Comfort Team provides repair and installation services for the greater St. Louis area. Among the towns and communities our team services across both sides of the river is St Charles, MO.

St Charles Mo downtownThe city of Saint Charles is the county seat of St. Charles County in Missouri. Just 30 miles northwest of St. Louis, St Charles is a quaint middle-sized community on the Missouri River. Among the many wonderful features of this city is the national St. Charles Historic District, site of the first permanent European settlement on the Missouri River.

FUN FACT: Founded circa 1769, St. Charles is the third-oldest city in Missouri!


Professional Furnace Repair in St Charles, MO

No wonder more than 70,000 people have chosen to make St. Charles their home. However, many homeowners in this old city face some unique problems typical for older homes. They can be drafty and creaky. And they can have old plumbing and heating and air systems.

Indoor Comfort Team is proud to provide complete furnace and air conditioning services to homeowners in St. Charles. Our team of HVAC technicians are trained and experienced with handling all types of comfort systems, especially those that are rather old.

It is always our first goal to get a failing system working again. However, we are also able to replace aging systems with modern efficient ones. New furnace and heating system can fully heat and cool even the oldest and biggest homes in St. Charles.


No Heat in an Old Missouri Home

Recently, our team was called out by a homeowner facing a concerning problem. His St. Charles home had no heat.

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This homeowner lived in one of the older homes. His three-story house on Clark St. was built way back in 1891! Back when this home was first built, there wasn’t anything close to the central heat and air systems we have today.

FUN FACTS: In 1891, Benjamin Harrison was the U.S. President.

Back in the 19th century, most homes were heated by wood-burning fireplaces and stoves. Even with this heat source, many homes would be literally freezing on the inside during our cold Missouri winters.

We quickly dispatched one of our licensed heating repair technicians to come out to his St. Charles home. Our technician discovered the cause of the problem was a bad capacitor.


What is a Capacitor?

A capacitor is an electrical component that stores and releases electrical energy in an electronic circuit. In the context of a heating system, capacitors are often found in the blower motor and compressor of the HVAC system.

A capacitor stores energy and provides the push needed to start the motor or compressor. Once the motor or compressor is running, the capacitor continues to provide a small amount of energy to keep it running smoothly.

no heat because of bad capacitor with the furnaceIf a capacitor goes bad, it can cause various issues with the heating system. For example, if the capacitor in the blower motor is faulty, the blower might not start or might not operate at the correct speed. This can result in reduced airflow through the heating system, leading to decreased efficiency and potentially uneven heating in different parts of the home.

If the capacitor in the compressor of an air conditioning system is faulty, the compressor might struggle to start or fail to start altogether. This can lead to a lack of cooling in the home during hot weather.

Fortunately for this homeowner, our Indoor Comfort Team technician was able to replace the bad capacitor and get the arm air back on again! If you have a furnace or other heating problem, call on us at (314) 230-9542 for quick heating repair service!


How Maintenance Can Prevent a Broken Furnace

Sometimes breakdowns and issues can happen with no warning and may not be preventable. But fortunately, that is not usually the case. Homeowners have a great opportunity to help make sure their home’s heating and cooling systems work well for many years.

Q: How can homeowners extend the life of their heater and prevent breakdowns?

A: With regular maintenance.

A bad capacitor in an HVAC system can lead to reduced efficiency, uneven heating, and potentially a complete failure of the system to operate. If there are signs of a bad capacitor, it should be inspected and replaced by a qualified technician. That will ensure the system operates safely and efficiently.

Indoor Comfort Team provides a convenient maintenance plan for our customers to help prevent problems like losing heat in the middle of winter. Members of our VIP Club get seasonal maintenance service performed on their heating as well as their cooling system. In additional to bi-yearly tune-ups, you get a great number of benefits including priority service and discounts on service and products. Our Indoor Comfort Team VIP Club provides homeowners a great peace of mind knowing their comfort systems are in our experienced hands.

Click here to learn more about how our VIP Club maintenance package can benefit you and your home!


Count on Indoor Comfort Team

No matter where you live in the greater St. Louis area, get expert service by trained and experienced HVAC technicians at Indoor Comfort Team. We are proud to provide service all around St. Louis, including in Chesterfield, St. Charles, St. Peters and Belleville, IL.

We are an independent, family-owned business dedicated to providing quality heating repair, installation, and maintenance services with upfront pricing. Our team of experienced HVAC contractors earns repeat business by putting customers’ needs first.

Contact us today to get a FREE ESTIMATE on the heating or cooling system you need. You can send us a message online or call us at (314) 230-9542.

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