A properly functioning air conditioner in your St. Charles, MO, home is crucial to your comfort, especially when the weather is hot. If you’re constructing a new home or have an old and failing AC system, installing a new air conditioner is necessary. Here are reasons you shouldn’t attempt a DIY AC installation:

Might Void Your Warranty

A manufacturer’s warranty can provide free ac repairs within a specific time and under the conditions. One of the common conditions is that a licensed professional should install, repair or maintain the air conditioner. If your warranty has such requirements, you risk voiding it with a DIY AC installation.

DIY AC Installation is Dangerous

Air conditioner installation can be tasking and expose your household to serious injuries from chemical exposure if you don’t install it correctly. Installing an AC system also entails handling electrical components that can be dangerous, especially if you lack the proper tools and skills for the task. Hiring an experienced AC installation expert for the job can help protect your family and keep you safe.

AC System Might Fail to Operate Efficiently

Another reason DIY AC installation isn’t advisable is that the system might fail to operate efficiently because of poor installation. An inefficient air conditioner makes your home uncomfortable, can cause premature wear and tear on the system and increases cooling costs. To avoid such cases, hire a professional to help achieve optimal system performance.

Might Damage the Equipment

Since air conditioners are delicate, you should leave the installation job to experts with the skills and necessary equipment. A DIY AC installation could expose your system to premature repairs because you lack the expertise to install it without causing damage. Hiring the pros for installation reduces the chances of repairing your air conditioner while it’s still new.

Several things can go wrong if you are planning a DIY AC installation. It’s advisable to hire experienced and qualified service technicians for professional installation. Call Indoor Comfort Team for more information about our air conditioning services, including our maintenance agreements.

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