In St Louis, MO, the temperature can reach over 90 degrees in July and August. As a result, most people use their HVAC systems to cool their homes. This is also the time with the highest incidence of HVAC failure, which is why it’s a good idea to stay ahead of summer HVAC problems by maintaining your unit in the spring.

Have Your System Professionally Maintained

Early spring is the best time to schedule professional maintenance. During a springtime maintenance session, the HVAC technician will lubricate the system to help reduce resistance, perform an operations assessment to evaluate the system’s status and inspect the outdoor unit.

Standard maintenance agreements include air conditioning, furnace and heating services every year. This type of maintenance extends your system’s life by ensuring that each component is in like-new condition and cleaned as needed. This helps you avoid expensive system breakdowns.

summer hvac problems like allergy issues

Avoid Allergen Overload

Grass releases its pollen in the spring and summer, which can be problematic for HVAC systems as the year progresses. When allergens like this coat your filter, not only will your system have to work harder to cool your home, but you’ll also risk these outdoor particles coming into your home and affecting your indoor air quality. To prevent this, clean or replace your filter in the spring so that you can remove any accumulated material.

Increase HVAC Efficiency

Direct Energy suggests some simple things you can do to make your HVAC system more efficient, like clearing debris from your outdoor unit and installing a smart thermostat. Not only will this device let you program cooling to work with your schedule, but it can also give you feedback about other ways to cut down on energy usage and costs.

Take steps to improve your HVAC system’s performance now, so you can keep your cool when the summer heat arrives. Contact us at Indoor Comfort Team for your spring HVAC maintenance.

Avoid Summer HVAC Problems with St Louis Indoor Comfort Team

You can always be prepared for a cooling emergency quickly by having the phone number ready for a trusted St Louis HVAC company. Put Indoor Comfort Team’s number in your phone now so you can reach us right away for a quick AC repair whenever you need us – 314-894-8200.


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