Tankless water heaters are highly efficient and save you money. Installing one is a good investment whether you need it for your home or office in Belleville, IL. A tankless water heater doesn’t regularly develop problems, but here are several common issues you can troubleshoot yourself if they arise.

Frozen System

A frozen system is rare with a tankless water heater, but the problem is a serious one. Winters can be brutal on tankless water heaters and lead to water loss. If your pipes freeze, you won’t have a consistent way to get hot water.

You can take steps to prevent this issue from occurring, such as installing the tankless water heater in a heated area. Remove standing water from it and have a recirculation system. You should insulate your system and have a consistent power source.

System Overload

A common reason for the tankless water heater to shut down is running hot water from several taps at once. If your system is overloading, then you don’t have the correct water heater capacity. Your system can’t produce enough hot water to use in the kitchen and bathroom simultaneously.

Our professionals can install another unit to share the load. Another fix for a tankless water heater overload is upgrading the water capacity. If neither of these options works, you should limit the amount of water you run from more than one tap at a time.

Airflow Blockage

If you see an error code on your tankless water heater, you have a blockage in the exhaust or air supply. Check your vents and pipes for any blockage or holes. Read your product manual for the clearance requirements to ensure that objects aren’t too close.

Mineral Buildup

Tankless water heaters can have mineral buildup within the system. The harder your water, the more mineral buildup your system will have. Tankless water heaters need more care, but all water heaters need new filters to prevent mineral buildup.

A common problem is a flame failure, which can be due to a tank that’s low on propane. An electrical or gas pressure issue can cause a flame failure. If you have any questions about your water heater in Belleville, IL, call us at Indoor Comfort Team to schedule an appointment today.

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