A new HVAC installation costs thousands of dollars for the average St. Louis, MO, home. You want your new air conditioner or heater to function as an investment that rewards you with energy savings rather than a costly expense that you should’ve avoided. When shopping for a new HVAC installation, you should hire an experienced contractor to help you size and select the best system for your comfort needs. Getting a second opinion is also a smart move. Here’s why:

Understand the First Estimate Better

Let’s say you’ve reached out to an HVAC company already. They’ve visited your home, performed the appropriate calculations and suggested you install a certain HVAC system. Getting a second opinion can help you compare how two companies approach the HVAC installation and allow you to choose the one you think will complete the best work.

The Estimate Sounds Too Good to be True

You might call half a dozen companies and receive different estimates for the same HVAC installation from each. But most of those estimates will likely fall within a similar price range. If there’s a company’s estimate that sounds too good to be true, they will likely add hidden costs once they complete the job. Seek a second opinion to be sure.

Size and Install Your HVAC System Correctly

When you want your new HVAC system sized and installed correctly for a fair price, always get a second opinion. Here are some other problems you might discover with the HVAC contractor when you ask for our advice:

  • Doesn’t have a license.
  • Pressures you into paying for the HVAC installation ahead of time.
  • Offers one-day-only specials.
  • Doesn’t provide a quote guaranteed not to include hidden costs.

Indoor Comfort Team is here to give you the second opinion you need to get the best HVAC installation for your buck. We provide customized solutions and peace of mind every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more.

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