St. Louis, MO, has long, hot and humid summers, and you rely on your air conditioning system to cool your indoor environment. Most of the time, air conditioners just make a humming or whirring sound, but they may also make unexpected and unusual sounds once in a while. Here are five weird air conditioning sounds that your St. Louis home’s cooling system could make and what they might mean.


A loose part could cause loud banging sounds coming from your air conditioner. An air conditioner compressor that is off balance on the concrete slab could also create banging sounds. You might need a compressor replacement or a new air conditioning system if the noises are coming from the compressor or motor.


Clanking sounds also suggest that one or more parts of your St. Louis area home’s air conditioner are unbalanced. Fan blades, the motor or the whole unit could be off balance. It’s also possible that the clanking is coming from the compressor, which may need to be replaced.


Air conditioners usually click once when they turn on and again when they turn off. If you hear a lot of clicking sounds, there could be an electrical problem in your air conditioning system. An issue with the thermostat could also cause extra clicking.


Buzzing sounds during a cooling cycle could indicate a refrigerant leak. If the copper tubing is in contact with something, such as a nearby shrub, this could create a buzzing sound. Other sources of buzzing include a dirty air filter, coil or housing.


A short squealing sound is typical at the start of a cooling cycle. A loose belt or hose could cause constant squealing.

Our NATE-certified technicians can identify the weird sounds coming from your air conditioner. Our AC repairs are designed to restore comfort to your indoor environment as soon as possible. For more information on strange sounds and air conditioning repairs, contact us at Indoor Comfort Team today.

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