Getting the Proper Air Conditioner for a Large Missouri House

When it is time to get a new air conditioner, there are a lot of things to consider. What brand of AC should you get? How energy efficient of a unit do you need? But another important question that needs to be answered is what is the right AC size for my home or do I need 2 ACs? These are questions our Indoor Comfort Team answer before starting an installation.

Take for example one of our recent customers, Andrew. Andrew has a beautiful large ranch home in Ballwin, Missouri. Indoor Comfort Team is proud to provide complete HVAC service to Ballwin, as well as to communities across the St. Louis area.

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Like many in his neighborhood in the Ridgemont subdivision, Andrew’s home was built in the 1980s.  With amazing features like a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, vaulted ceilings and 4 spacious bedrooms, it’s easy to see why homeowners love living in the lovely homes in this cozy community. Just blocks away is the Cool Dell Swim & Tennis Club as well as Love Park.

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Did you know that the town of Ballwin, MO is nearly 200 years old? Its history dates back to 1804 when John Ball (the town’s namesake) first settled the town site. Since then, the town of Ballwin has grown to be a highly desirable St. Louis suburb.

It’s 30,000 residents have so much to enjoy, including the spacious Vlasis Park with his baseball field, tennis courts and stocked ponds. In the summer, Ballwin’s Vlasis Park draws in people from across St. Louis for the annual Ballwin Days festival!

Ballwin Days festival

Spring AC Installation in Ballwin

Right around the same time as the Easter Bunny was making his appearance for the community’s annual Easter celebrations, Andrew called upon Indoor Comfort Team to get his aging AC system replaced.

While there is never a wrong time to have an air conditioner installed, spring is always the best time for this job. We not yet in the hottest part of a Missouri summer where you will need your AC to be running continually.

Another reason why a spring AC installation is great is because that is when professional St. Louis AC installers like ours at Indoor Comfort Team are not swamped with AC repair calls. During those first relentlessly hot days of summer are our busiest. It may be hard to schedule a new AC installation.

But you can always rely upon us to act quickly and restore the cool air your home needs to be safe and comfortable whenever you are in need. We provide 24/7 emergency AC repair to the entire St. Louis area including Ballwin.

AC Size Matters: Bigger is Not (Necessarily) Better

Does more power equal better output? That is not always the case, at least when it comes to air conditioning systems. One of the most important factors in determining which air conditioner will work best for you home is determining exactly what SIZE AC unit your home needs.

Either too small or too big – Getting the wrong size AC can cause such problems as:

  • Higher energy bills
  • Wasting energy
  • Not cooling some areas of your home

Right AC size for 2000 sq ft home on Carmen Rd

As our AC installers assessed Andrew’s home, we knew we were dealing with a home just over 2,000 square feet. That told us the best air conditioning unit for optimum cooling capacity for his home would be a 4 ton unit.

A 4 ton AC unit is almost always the right size for a 2000 square foot house. A 4 ton is usually right for homes that range between 2,000 and 2,500 square feet. For homes over 2500 sq ft, you can expect to need a larger unit that is 5 tons or more.

What happens if you get the wrong size AC for your house?

It’s important to choose the right size air conditioner. An air conditioner that is too small will be running a lot more often than it should. Also, it will not get your entire home cool enough.

An AC that is too big is also problematic. The unit may be frequently turning on and off because it’s reaching the desired temperature so quickly. This can wear down a unit and cause it to need to be replaced sooner than it should.

Indoor Comfort Team: Ballwin Trane AC Installation

With the proper calculations of the house size and other factors that determine what types of air conditioners will work best, our team of experienced Air Conditioning Installation experts went to work.

We installed a 4 ton, 48,000 BTU Trane Air Conditioner with matching coil. This new Trane AC in Andrew’s home has two-stage cooling and an upgraded fan motor.

4 ton ac size for 2000 sq ft houseTrane brand of heating and cooling products are among the most heavily tested HVAC products. That is one of the reasons Indoor Comfort Team are certified Trane Comfort Specialists for homes in Ballwin and across St. Louis.

The AC unit we installed was a SEER 17. The SEER rating indicates the amount of energy efficiency of the unit. A 17 SEER means it is highly energy efficient, and well above the minimum requirements. Federal regulations dictate energy efficiency minimums for conditioning systems anyone.

For Ballwin, Missouri and much of the Midwest, the SEER minimum is 14. Up until 2023, the minimum was SEER 13. But regulatory changes occur regularly in the HVAC industry. It will be many years before that minimum would likely be raised again, so Andrew is in the clear with having such a highly rated unit.

Even without federal minimums, it is a great idea to have an AC with high SEER rating. These great units produce the cool air you need for your home without using a lot of energy to do so. That means less energy waste and smaller monthly utility bills. You can learn more about the SEER Rating and other factors in buying a new AC in this helpful article.

Indoor Comfort Team AC installation in Ballwin, MO

Professional Air Conditioning Service in the Ridgemont Subdivision

Whether you live in the Ridgemont subdivision or any other community in or around the St. Louis area, trust the professional AC technicians with the Indoor Comfort Team.

There is a science to finding the right AC size for a 2000 sq ft home or any other size house. You should rely on a licensed HVAC technicians to ensure your home is getting exactly the right system it needs to keep your home cool and comfortable in our climate zone. Indoor Comfort Team is proud to provide quality AC service to the entire St. Louis area, including Ballwin and the Ridgemont Subdivision.

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