My AC is Not Blowing Cool Air

Today, we’re talking about something super important: when your air conditioner stops blowing cool air. Imagine it’s super-hot outside, and your AC isn’t working right. Not fun, right? But don’t worry, we’re here to help you figure out why it’s happening and what you...

My Furnace Won’t Turn On

Welcome to the Indoor Comfort Team blog, your trusted source for HVAC and solutions in St. Louis, MO! If you’re here, changes are you’re struggling with a furnace that won’t turn on. Don’t worry; we understand that importance of a properly functioning furnace,...
Furnace Short Cycling in Cold Weather

Furnace Short Cycling in Cold Weather

Troubleshooting a Heater that Stops & Starts Frequently Sometimes a furnace can seem to still be working, yet there is a serious problem with it. One of those problems that can happen to a house right in the middle of a cold Missouri winter is the issue known as...


Reasons for a Broken Furnace & Troubleshooting Tips to Restore Heat The middle of a frigid St. Louis winter is the worst time for your heater to break down or a furnace blows cold air. Waiting in a freezing home with a furnace blowing cold air until a repair...
Why Is My AC Fan Not Spinning?

Why Is My AC Fan Not Spinning?

  Troubleshooting Steps to Fix a Broken AC Unit Fan Keeping cool when it’s hot outside requires a properly working AC unit. If your AC unit fan is not spinning, there are some ways to troubleshoot this common issue. The St Louis AC repair experts at Indoor Comfort...

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