UV Air Purification

UV Air Purification & Filtration

When you think of air pollution, you likely imagine the problems outside in big cities. But you may not realize how common of a problem indoor air pollution is. This can cause big problems as our home’s air is the air we are breathing throughout most of the day. That’s why Indoor Comfort Team provides high-tech and efficient solutions to purifying the air in your home.

Your home’s HVAC system circulates air throughout your home for the purpose of warming or cooling it. This great system of ducts and vents can also be put to use to filter out the microscopic particles in your air. With various Indoor Air Quality Services such as UV Air Purification, Indoor Air can help you breathing much easier in your home.

Research proves that one of the best ways to promote long-term health is by removing tiny contaminants from the air you breathe.

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Harmful particulates in our air include:

  • germs
  • bacteria
  • smoke
  • pet dander
  • mold & mildew
  • viruses
  • other harmful microbes



What is UV Air Purification?

UV stands for Ultraviolet Light. This UV air filtration uses state-of-the-art ultraviolet light technology to stop viruses and other kinds of bad microorganisms from growing and filling up our indoor air. door space. Ultraviolet light is able to prevent the reproduction of these  tiny particles. The longer a virus or other microorganism is hit with UV light, the more it is damaged and unable to multiple.


Ready to Improve Your Home’s Air?

UV air purification can work great with additional indoor air quality solutions. For more information on UV air purification or other air quality services, contact Indoor Comfort Team. We can help you find the perfect solution to improve the air for you and your family.

indoor comfort team provides uv air purification and other indoor air quality services to St Louis area

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